Meet Vicki

Innate creative, eternal learner and lead designer at Lusheri Design

While some are born to paint, sing, or dance, Vicki was born to design. With an innate ability to understand and visualise colours, textures and patterns, she’s always been able to effortlessly combine contrasting elements to balance function and form.

Although, like all great things in life, Vicki’s journey to becoming an interior designer took time. With competing priorities like raising a family and working part-time, it was only when the kids left home she finally decided to follow her creative passions – completing her diploma in interior design at the renowned international school of colour and design

A house is so much more than a home. It’s an extension of your personality - an opportunity to show your family and friends who you are - Vicki

Now, with over a decade of experience designing beautiful homes, Vicki’s never been more in love or passionate about what she does.

She’s worked on various projects, from off-the-plan homes to custom builds and smaller renovation projects, allowing her to appreciate our unique connection with our homes. 

Regardless of your style, Vicki will create a thoughtful design that feels authentic to you.

She does this by actively listening to and fully understanding your needs, who you are, how you live, and why – allowing her to design a home that truly works for you.

Living on the stunning Bellarine Peninsula, Vicki’s constantly inspired by the natural beauty of her surroundings, drawing on the organic colours and textures in her design work. 

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