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The different types of interior design styles

From minimalist chic to mid-century modern and Hollywood glam, interior design possibilities are endless. While most designers have their preferred aesthetic, there are no hard and fast rules when experimenting with different types of interior design styles. So, whether you’re a purist, bound by the principles of each layout, or instead adopt a dynamic, bold […]

What does an interior designer do?

With the ever-increasing popularity of home renovation shows like The Block and endless Pinterest images of gorgeously styled rooms, our awareness of interior design has increased. However, have you ever wondered, “What does an interior designer do?”

how to choose the perfect shade of white paint

How to choose the right shade of white paint

As an interior designer and colour consultant, one of the most common suggestions I hear from clients is, "what if we just paint the walls white"? While it might seem like a simple request, if you've ever stood in front of the 100+ white paint options at your local paint shop, you'll understand how challenging choosing the perfect white paint can be. So how do you choose the right shade of white? Read on ...